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Company D Compound



First day in Nam

Monsoon season is rather wet

Monsoon season

Good Morning Viet Nam

Setting up tents

Finally organized

Finally some good help

First barracks being built

Wieczzorek and crew on 2nd floor of first barricks

1st barracks at right and Mess Hall to left

Company D Mess Hall

KP again?

Mama-sohn carrying the Mess Hall untensels

Vietnamese women doing dishes at the Mess Hall

Defenses at the rear of the compound

Both barracks and the Mess Hall

Barracks and the NCO quarters

Rear door of the barracks

Our own Fire Brigade

Inside the barracks

Mama-sohn shining boots

Mama-sohn working on the boots

Number One job

Captain Kuhn's office

The Orderly Room

The Motor Pool being built

Laundry room in the middle

No wrinkles please

Our laundry room

Main entrance to Delta Company

Company D 459 Signal sign

Delta Company compound with Motor Pool on the left

Bunkers and machine gun position at rear of the compound

Sand bag detail

Sand bag detail

Santa Clause is coming to town

Company D pet monkey

View towards the EM club

The Beer Depot in the rainey season. Your brand is here somewhere.

Phu Thanh Signal Site

Phu Cat Signal Site

Song Cau Signal Site

Capital Signal Site

Binh-Thanh Signal Site

Communications vans

A 3 element Yagi and UHF/VHF fly swatter antennas

Working on a fly swatter antenna

Adjusting the flyswatter antenna

A visit from a Huey

Note the M60 machine gun



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