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Camp McDermott Photos


Part of the camp view from Hawk Hill

More camp view from Hawk Hill

Showing Hawk Missels on top of Hawk Hill

459th Battalion Area from Hawk Hill

Camp McDermott from Hawk Hill

459th Battalion Area from Hawk Hill - Very Large Copy (download time about 1 1/2 minutes)

Entrance to camp near the 459th area

Camp John F, McDermott Headquarters sign

John F. McDermott's grave at National Cemetery, Fort Bliss, Texas

Flags at HQ Camp John F. McDermott

459th Signal Battalion Headquarters

Early picture of Battalion area with Tom Febraio & Joe Cavaluzzi

Early picture of Battalion area

Artillery Battery position next to the 459th

Artillery Battery tents

Artillery Battery tents

Early picture of the Battalion area with Howard Bartholf

Early picture of the Battalion area - our first day in Viet Nam

Early picture of the Battalion area

Early picture of the Battalion area

Part of the Battalion area

Battalion Movie Theater

Company A HQ

Company A supply room

Typical General Puropse tent used as a barricks

Typical barricks

More barricks

A double row of barricks

More barricks

1st SGT Russell Hall checks Compamy A area

Inside a typical tent barricks

Typical individual soldiers area in the tent

Company A Cable Platoon tent

459th barricks tent

Temporary Battalion Dining Hall

Thanksgiving menu 1966

Thanksgiving menu 1966

459th Dining Hall under construction

Dining Hall Christmas 1966

Christmas menu 1966

Christmas menu 1966

459th Signal Chapel

Don Stadler & Jan Gladden in front of the Chapel

Inside of the 459th Battalion Memorial Chapel

Christmas worship 1966

Christmas worship 1966

Battalion Motor Pool

Part of the Motor Pool area

A truck wash in the Motor Pool

Motor Pool area

Maintaince on a communicationd vehicle

Happy Acres Subdivision

Building permanent barricks

Completed barricks

Phil Hutton in front of the Vietnamese NCO Academy mess hall

Phil Hutton & Gail Phifer at the Vietnamese NCO Academy

Filling sandbags for building bunkers

Part of the sandbag crew

Vietnamese huts in the Vietnamese NCO Academy

Red Dog Saloon - Bartender Don Jernigan

HQ 63 Maintaince Battalion & Hawk Hill

POL Dump

POL Dump

POL Dunp

POL Dump

Snack Bar area

Camp John F. McDermott Snack Bar

Camp water point

155 Self Propelled Cannon

155 Self Propelled Cannon


Roadway in camp

Area beyond the dump

Area beyond the dump

5th Special Forces HQ

Helicopter pad next to 5th Special Forces

Results of a sapper attack

Special Forces troops looking for the sappers

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