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By an Unknown Signal Soldier


In monsoon mud and heat, we strive to keep the signal lamps alive

Though hearts grow weary, souls sink low, we know the lamps must stay aglow

When others sleep, their labor done, we know the moon, we greet the sun.

Some men must ride, some fly, some walk.

We give the world a voice, to talk.

Our signals split the twilight sky.

Deep-buried cables, mountain-high.

The rising sun glints from our wires.

Antennas top the sunset’s fires.

Where python, tiger, bears hold sway, our homing signals speed their way.

Where seldom man or beast sets foot, our mighty towers sink their root, and reach their searching arms so high, they touch the tip of God’s own sky

We put them there, our signals beamed, that man might speak, where once he dreamed.

We have our pride, we ask no more,

We are the men of the Signal Corps.


* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *



Words and music by


(wife of the Chief Signal Officer)


In the time of war, no matter where you are,

There you'll find the Signal Corps!

When the long lines file, weary mile by mile,

They're the ones who are at the fore.

When there's big news coming and buzzers humming

When Springfields rattle and the big guns roar,

With a flash and flare, over land and air,

Comes the word: That's the Signal Corps.


In time of peace, our duties never cease,

There's drill and work to spare;

In the field we go with our radio.

And we talk to the empty air.

From our short-wave stations, we call the nations,

From Greenland's mountains to the South Sea shore;

Every day we say, we're in the Corps to stay;

"See the world with the Signal Corps."


When the doughboys hike on the hard turnpike,

We'll be there to show the way;

When the big guns roll toward their far-off goal,

We'll follow them day by day;

If you take a notion to cross the ocean,

We're there with radio on sea and shore;

For the sun can't set on our short-wave net!

That's the boast of the Signal Corps!



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